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Our free-range chickens live in a luxury mobile chicken coop where they nest and roost. A moveable hoop house protects them from predators.


During the day, they range on grass, bugs, worms, and about anything they can find. They are also given scraps from the vegetable garden and grain as nutritional support to meet their protein and energy needs.


Firewood is available at the farm stand. We also offer seasoned cordwood with delivery to Groton and the surrounding area. Contact us to set up a delivery or for more information. 


  • Firewood Bundles
  • Kindling Bundles
  • Bushel Baskets
  • Seasoned Cordwood


Shattuck Farm partners with Winn Gardens Honey. The hives located on Shattck Farm are home to the bees that bring you Winn Gardens honey and help pollinate our fruits, vegetables, and flowers on the farm.



Contact us for delivery to the local area or to arrange pick up.

  • First-cut feed hay
  • Second-cut feed hay
  • Straw
  • Mulch



Since 2008, we have been growing vegetables and have been expanding our production each season. Stop by the farm stand to see our seasonal variety of fruits and vegetables.



We have field-grown perennials and
fresh-cut seasonal flowers available at
the farm stand.


Maple Syurp

Each winter, we tap our trees and make our own maple syrup, available at the

farm stand in a variety of sizes.



We grow our own seasonal fruits right on the farm.



We offer field- and greenhouse-grown herbs.


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